Photographic Systems

Our quality photographic systems are what separate Think Digital from its competitors. The components we use (i.e. cameras, printers, software and computers) are simply the best money can buy. Our systems have been proven in the field. All components are thoroughly tested before being introduced to any of our tourist parks to ensure all components are 100% reliable.

The systems we put together, although hi-tech, are very easy to operate. Staff members without any prior photographic experience and with a little computer knowledge are able to produce beautiful studio quality photos in a very short time with minimal training from Think Digital.

Our tethered systems which are ideal for static situations such as animal interactions or studio style portraits require only two touches of a modern touch screen to send the image to print. Once the photo is taken, the operator can see it on the computer screen in a matter of seconds, check quality, retake if necessary and then send to print. Having a large display of the image ensures that only the best quality photos get printed. If having a tethered camera is not an option we have software available that once the images are loaded from the memory source, again two touches of the touch screen will see the image sent to print.

The printers we use are capable of sizes 6×4, 5×7, 6×8 ,6×9 and 8 x 10 inches. The 6×4 size is the standard size issued at most photo labs however 6×9 inch photos are the best option for tourist operators who want the best value souvenir photo for their customers.

Think Digital can also offer our customers the option of using our website for further sales. We can keep up to a month of photos from your operation and customers can view and purchase at their leisure on their return home. By selling online you can expose your customers to a range of other photo souvenirs such as t-shirts, photo jewellery and digital wallpapers and screen savers. Think Digital takes care of everything from uploading and cataloguing the photos to the sales and shipping of the extra products purchased. This service will become available in the near future.

All this technology and fast systems mean nothing if they are not backed up by 100% 24/7 support. We ensure that at all times spare equipment is made available for immediate despatch if an untimely failure occurs. If your operation is remote Think Digital will ensure enough redundant equipment is left on-site for you to ensure you are never left with an unworkable system. Nick along with Think Digital’s Operations Manager and on-call Computer technicians are available 7 days a week for phone or on site support if necessary.