Static Photographic Systems

Wow that was quick and the quality is fantastic

Our quality photographic systems are what separate Think Digital from its competitors. The components we use (i.e. cameras, printers, software and computers) are simply the best money can buy. Our systems have been proven in the field. All components are thoroughly tested before being introduced to any of our tourist parks to ensure all components are 100% reliable.

The systems we put together, although hi-tech, are very easy to operate. Staff members without any prior photographic experience and with a little computer knowledge are able to produce beautiful studio quality photos in a very short time with minimal training from Think Digital.

We also offer a state of the art solution for the delivery of digital files to customers. Using our proprietary web based system “SHARE PIX” we can deliver a digital copy via cloud based storage instantly. The customer is presented with a ticket with a Web Address and a unique identifying number to download their photo. This offers our clients a very attractive extra revenue stream over and above the photo purchase. “Would you like fries with that”