Specialist One off Systems

“You Dream it we can create it”

We are very privileged to be a strategic partner with both Digital Photo Industries – Lynton Barribal (Website Shortcut here) and Complete Digital Imaging Industries – Tom Williamson (Website Shortcut here). Having Lynton and Tom help on larger projects has ensured Think Digital can compete for the largest projects possible.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park came to us with an idea that sounded impossible, they wanted the dancers to take a photo of them and a customer throwing a boomerang and for that image to be displayed and ready to print 500 metres away in a retail hub. We took up the challenge and 6 months later we had Australia’s first fully Wireless Digital Imaging system.

This shows Jermaine with one of Tjapukai’s Customers posing before Jermaine teaches the customer to throw the boomerang. The two white boxes contain our cameras and flash, the larger green case (obscured) contains a laptop and receipt printer. Photo is taken by a remote on the boomerang, image processed through laptop, receipt printed with customer number and image sent via wireless transmission to Retail Shop

Customers pass this Retail area after the Boomerang experience and can then view and purchase their Boomerang Photo from one our staff. Walking away with their souvenir photo in minutes.

That is one example of the endless possibilities of systems we can create. Please call or email me to see how we can help you